Saturday, May 19, 2012

I started a Storenvy store with handmade bracelets and I am teaching myself how easy it is to blog about it.  As if I needed another iron in the fire but my 7 year old daughter wanted to do this and to be honest, I love doing things creative like this so a store was a logical thing.
Here is one of my hemp handmade bracelets with handmade recycled paper beads.  Also has a loop and button closure.  This particular bracelet is 8 inches long.

I was thinking of doing an online craft show for a bunch of different store owners, what do you think??  I'm not sure if once a month would be good or maybe twice a month.  I don't think I could keep up with once a week, Yikes!  But it would have to be a group effort.

So do you have a creative outlet that you would like to share??


  1. Hi I have many. I do fancy socks, also jewerly. Name it I prob done it.

    1. You sound like me, a jack/jane of all trades as far as crafts go. :)