Saturday, July 16, 2011

Want To Increase Your Profits For a Garage/Yard Sale?

So, you’ve decided to have a garage sale/yard sale and you’re expecting a profit.  But of course!  But how can you increase that profit?  I’ve come up with a few hints and tips (from past experiences) that could help out with that.

1.        Let’s start with signage.  So many times I’m driving down the road and I see a garage sale sign but it’s so small and there are so many words I can’t read it in the 2 maybe 3 seconds I have.  Poster board in color is great, but keep the color theme the same.  The words should be very bold and concise.  And please be careful where you post the signs, there are some really strict laws in some towns and cities.

2.       Curb Appeal.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed a sale only to keep on going because it looked like they didn’t have a lot or it wasn’t neat looking.  Some neat full tables near the front are a good thing.  I’ve seen some people use a big sign by the road with balloons just tied to the corners of the sign, it looks very inviting. 

3.       Reasonable Prices.  Everyone is going to a garage sale to get a great deal.  That doesn’t mean things need to be given away, but putting a sentimental price on things won’t sell them.  And if you can increase the traffic at your sale the chances are better for a greater profit but not if the prices are too high that no one buys anything.

4.       An Interest for the Men.  I always see men either sitting in the car or aimlessly looking around like they are lost.  But if they see something that interests them they are more likely to stop and look and their wives are more likely to look longer if they feel comfortable and not pushed for time.

5.       Advertisement.  Now this is something I see that needs drastic improvement.  I had a relatively small sale but I put in a grand ad and I had a ton of customers.  It was so busy we couldn’t keep up at some points.  I figure that if I’m going to take the time to get everything ready I’m going to put in a huge ad.  Now some don’t want to spend the extra $10-$15 but if it’s going to pull in more people its so worth it because that’s where the increased profits come from.  A picture in your ad (or some graphic) will attract attention.  Being vague like just an address or “too much to mention” gets passed by so many times.  If you have clothing list the size range, men’s, women’s, girls, boys and list the other items you have.  It’s good to also have some big ticket items, even if they are not yours and you are selling for a relative or friend but they will call in more people.  The more you have listed the more people you can attract.

Well, those are just a few things that I’ve found extremely helpful, I hope you find some value too.