Thursday, June 23, 2011

We Will MAKE the Time If Its Important Enough!

I was thinking today of how we think of our business.  Two scenarios

1.        Someone is a baseball fan and they want to TRY and make a few games in the season.

2.       Your child is in need of critical medical treatments and you “TRY”?? to get them to the doctor.

Of course the second is a no-brainer, you will make the time to get the child the medical treatment they need.  But what about our businesses?  I’ve heard so many, as I’m sure everyone in business has heard, “Oh, I’ll give it a TRY and see if it works.”  If its important to us we will MAKE THE TIME to MAKE IT WORK!  We will treat our business as if we just invested  a million dollars and are not going to lose a dime.  So are we a hobbyist who is gonna give it a try or are we a serious business builder who is GOING to succeed?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mom is Always There...And Thank Goodness For That!

What an absolutely beautiful day for The Curwood Festival.  We went and had a wonderful pancake breakfast at the Middle School.  Boy can that boy eat!  DJ had his sausage then he had Grammie's.  Then we decided to wander thru carpetbagger's row and got some great deals.  Hello New Sunglasses!  We sat for a few minutes and watched the AirDogs.  Did you know that dogs can fly?  Then on the way to Farmer's Market is when it happened.......

My mom's cell phone rang!  Real scary, but the funny thing is it was the people at the Middle School.  They found this cell phone and decided to call "MOM".  I never put my mom's name in, just Mom.  Wow, if I didn't do that who knows what would have happened.  And I just reloaded it with an unlimited card!  Thank goodness for honest people!

My lesson learned this week:  Mom is always gonna be Mom!  And I programmed my husband in as "Husband".