Saturday, September 3, 2011

Did You Ever See Something That Just Made So Much Sense?

I've held so many jobs in my life that my complete resume has become more of a coffee table book.  LOL  Some of the positions I've held are, housekeeper, grocery cashier, frozen foods manager, toy merchandiser, blow molding factory floor supervisor, produce manager, floral department manager, graphic designer, babysitter and a lion and tiger trainer.  That's just a portion of my jobs.

What that told me was I did not want to work for someone else, but what else could I do?  I knew others were working for themselves, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and Donald Trump, ok, well I'm not THAT ambitious, but others that I knew were, so I started doing what they were doing.  It went really well and I loved it.  I worked for 13 years and I was happy and doing good but it wasn't really work, I never had to ask for business so when the economy went south (in our area about 9 years ago) so did my business.  Since I never had to "Work" at it I didn't know how to make it grow, so I went back to the corporate world.  HATED IT!!  I felt terrible since I now had children I felt so sad everyday I had to leave them.

Then my dear friend invited me to come over and hear this gal talk about a business.  Now, I was right in the middle of post-partum depression and didn't have the energy or want to go but my husband reminded me that I had promised I would be there.  UGHHH!!  Talk about a guilt trip!  But it was just what I needed.  I reluctantly went and at first I was totally not going to "buy" anything but as she talked she was making some sense.  I listened further and this was actually making perfect sense to me.  The concept of residual income was exactly what I was trying to get from my last business, but the company didn't have anything in place for residual income.  I was excited, yes I said excited even with the depression.  But I remembered later that I actually heard about this before but I just didn't "SEE" it.  I was so kicking myself, how could I have not seen the potential, but I now realize even if I had started then it would not have worked for me.  I so dislike that statement, any business does not work for anyone we work for our success, but that's another post all together.  I would have fallen by the wayside like a lot of others have.

Did you ever see something that just made so much sense?

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