Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some Pretty Scary Stuff Out There!

There seems to be a real problem with the new small laundry detergent packs.  There are plenty of reports that state that kids see these new laundry pods and think they are something fun to either play with or eat.  They look fun because they are colorful and squishy, think of bubblewrap, my kids would be all over that.  With other detergent poisonings it takes a little time for symptoms to occur and are not as severe but not with these new packs, symptoms come on quickly and ferociously.  Some of the symptoms are vomiting, drowsiness, wheezing and gasping among some other pretty terrifying things.  Here are two fact sheets from the American Association of Poison Control Centers:  (when I went to these files I got a warning from my security you can go to the aapcc.org site and they are there)

Pretty scary stuff!  That’s just external too, what about the chemicals left on our clothes?  Our skin is the largest organ in our body and it absorbs those chemicals.  But my question is Why do manufacturers NEED to put such harmful ingredients in the products?  Will it not work if they are not there?  Obviously that can’t be the reason because there are other products that do not have the harmful ingredients and they work wonderfully.  Are using these harmful ingredients cheaper to use?  Well, yes we know that but there are again safer alternatives that are sometimes less expensive than other brands. 

Now there are arguments for and against using the chemicals and not using the chemicals but for me I have to take into consideration how it affects my kids.  I’m just so thankful that 4 years ago I did make the decision to switch because it paid off big time when Buddy got a hold of the bathroom cleaner and decided to spray himself in the face.  I just think, what if I didn’t switch…  I’m just thankful I did!

What if the companies that made these products cared about the people that use them and the environment that they ultimately end up in?  Well I think I would probably be a customer for life!  What are your thoughts?

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